collision avoidance

FLARM Signal

Collision avoidance systems for public aeronautic, glider, light aircraft and UAVs. Since 2004 25.000 airplanes around the world got a FLARM system installed. With sky[nav]pro™ you got the newest FLARM technology integrated.

ADS-B Signal:

Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) signals will be received. sky[nav]pro™ will be anxious to show all traffic around during your flight on your display. Therefore you got everything you need to avoid collisions.

Obstacle Database:

If you wish you can purchase the FLARM database. With this database your sky[nav]pro™ warns you ahead of antennas and wires. Actually there are 35.000 obstacles recorded for Swiss, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

sky[nav]pro traffic:

Needless to say, we'll show other aircrafts that uses sky[nav]pro™ Hardware onboard inside your APP during your flight. There's no such thing as absolute security, but with our system you got an enormous safety advantage within all of your flights.

Flexible solution:

Every company, every flight school is different – we know that. That's why we designed our system modular. Open interfaces to existing systems are quite natural for us. Name us your actual system and we'll examine if it is possible to include sky[nav]pro™ in your existing infrastructure.


We know how important it is to have a qualified contact to solve problems and get over difficulties. That's why we established an twenty-four seven support in german and english language. If unexpected happenings occur we're here for you.

Thanks to successful cooperation between sky[nav]pro™ and FLARM, surrounding traffic is displayed dynamically on tablets using our own unique hardware solution. Nearby traffic is detected based on FLARM and ADS-B data, as well as your own position, height and speed. In a serious situation, the pilot will be warned of possible collisions using warnings containing different danger levels.

sky[nav]pro™ is using an up-to date database to warn against possible obstacles. The barriers and terrain will be displayed in our moving map to achive safe flight operation.

Collision avoidance with our RedLine Box. Details in our online shop

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